Monday, May 30, 2011

How Do You Spell Relief?

If you're old enough, you might remember that Rolaids commercial which asked: "How do you spell relief?"  They spelt it, R-o-l-a-i-d-s.

I spell it: N-A-P.

You guessed it, today was one of those days when I needed some relief, but even more than that ('cuz let's face it, I could say that just about every afternoon) my boys needed a nap!  And being the loving, caring and selfless mommie I am, I decided to oblige them. 

It got to the point this afternoon where they were just looking at each other and screaming.  It was nuts.  They were completely tuning me out and were just screaming.  So I sat back and watched for a sec...I became all buddha-like and fully present in this moment of LOUD!  It was like an out-of-body experience or being in the middle of a really bad movie.  I've actually had this experience before of really stepping aside and just observing what was going on.  It was about a year ago and they were both fighting over me.  I had the two of them tugging at me and crying and screaming, "My Mom".  Again, all I could do at that point was take a sec and look down and it was, like, "Well, it's nice to be popular" (I think). 

Today's meltdown has to do with one thing and one thing only.  They're getting up too freakin' early!  Luckily these screaming matches don't happen every day.  And they don't nap every day either.  In fact, Hubby and I prefer if they don't because then they go to bed nice and early and we can have an entire evening to ourselves!!  (Just take a moment to bask in those words...nice, huh?)

I know parents whose kids sleep a crazy 12 hours in a row!  Both my boys have only ever needed 9 hours of sleep.  Their eyes pop open after that amount of time.  No real need to set an alarm clock in this house.  The last couple of days have been wierd though.  Something in the air perhaps?  Maybe some inner changes they're going through?  Who knows, but I'm not into it.  Really, I'm not.

Little K fell asleep yesterday around 5pm which always sends us into a minor panic (in our heads anyways) 'cuz we know that probably means he'll be up to 11 or something crazy.  But he kept on sleeping...and sleeping...and sleeping.  I always feel that if  they're sleeping like that, then they probably need it.  Of course he awoke at 1am and was up 'til 3, so that's probably his excuse for this afternoon.

Not sure what Big T's excuse is...possibly allergies...but he's getting up at around 5am every day and not his usual 6am.  Someone else needs to tell him this is just not the way to go.  I've tried...he's not listening to me.

So once again I hit the road. 

And once again, "ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ"! 

Ahhhh, silence really is golden.

And now I have a question. 

How do YOU spell relief?

Sunday, May 29, 2011

The Mom Pledge

BWS tips button

Today I've decided to Take The Pledge. 

*  *  *  *  *

The Mom Pledge
I am a proud to be a mom. I will conduct myself with integrity in all my online activities. I can lead by example.
I pledge to treat my fellow moms with respect. I will acknowledge that there is no one, "right" way to be a good Mom. Each woman makes the choices best for her family.
I believe a healthy dialogue on important issues is a good thing. I will welcome differing opinions when offered in a respectful, non-judgmental manner. And will treat those who do so in kind.
I stand up against cyber bullying. My online space reflects who I am and what I believe in. I will not tolerate comments that are rude, condescending or disrespectful.
I refuse to give those who attack a platform. I will remove their remarks with no mention or response. I can take control.
I want to see moms work together to build one another up, not tear each other down. Words can be used as weapons. I will not engage in that behavior.
I affirm that we are a community. As a member, I will strive to foster goodwill among moms. Together, we can make a difference. 
*  *  *  *  * 

I can't believe there are moms out there cyber bullying other moms.  Motherhood is universal.  No matter the different beliefs or parenting styles, I think we should all be able to find some common ground and relate to each other. 

So here's to all us moms - and women in general - supporting each other.

Saturday, May 28, 2011

It's My Birfday

I was born today...well, 44 (gulp) years ago today. 

A lot has happened in the last 44 years.  Let's see, where to begin...

I grew in a womb ... oh, wait, that's maybe too far back. Maybe I'll just talk about the great day I had today.

The first thing that happened was I got to SLEEP IN!!!  The last time I got to sleep in was ... well, I don't know when it was.  Hubby and I used to alternate our sleep-in days on the weekends, but even when it was my day, it wasn't.  The boys just would NOT let me sleep!  But now that I work weekends and leave the house VERY EARLY before anyone else is awake, Hubby doesn't get to sleep in either.  (snicker, snicker...sorry, Hubby, but this kind of makes me happy)

The next thing that happened was my wonderful men brought me breakie in bed.  WOW!  Toast with jam, cantaloupe, coffee and my favourite candy bar, Coffee Crisp (nice touch).

I was then able to carve out a little "me" time and went for a much needed pedicure!  While my toe pampering took place, I got to indulge in watching the girlie movie "Eat Pray Love".  Haven't seen it before so that was an extra treat.  Check out mee new birthday toes:

Wow, really hard to make a toe picture look good.  I find toes really wierd looking...not just mine.  All toes.  Wierd, little stick-like things at the end of your foot...but I digress.

My next birthday treat was going out for lunch with my guys and having a glass of wine.  Ahhh, a glass of wine...a nice, cold glass of chardonnay. (sigh)  Wine always tastes better in the afternoon for some reason.  I should mention I really enjoyed that glass of wine.

I also caught some rays...well, about 2.3 minutes of sitting on my beach chair in a little patch of sunshine on my patio.  Lifting my head to feel the heat on my face, even if it was only a couple of minutes, was heavenly.  (Did I mention I really need a holiday?)

This was going to be a post about how birthdays have changed so much since becoming a mom, but even though they have, I don't want it to appear to be a negative thing.  Because the change is good afterall.

** WARNING:  Sappy Content Ahead **

It's a different kind of fun I get on my birthdays now...I get to see the joy on my kids faces when they surprise me with a birthday gift.  I love to see the pride they have about writing their names all by themselves in my card.  It's the sweet hugs and kisses and the "I love yous" and the sounds of them singing Happy Birthday.  Those are my real birthday gifts...

** End of Sappy Content **

... Oh, and the Roots bag I'm going to buy - yipppeee!!

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Scary Noodles

Okay, I've just gotta know...

What is so scary about the above picture?  Because I can't for the life of me figure out why my 4-1/2 year old will not even try pasta.  A piece of spaghetti, rotini, fettuccini, macaroni, nor a variety of other noodles, has ever (and I mean never, EVER) crossed Big T's lips or even graced a fork he was holding.  He downright refuses to try the stuff.  I was told all kids loved pasta.  I feel so deceived.

So basically I don't need to tell you that when I hear moms say "My child is so picky and will only eat pasta", I want to shake them silly make sure they know how lucky they really are.  Wow, a world of pasta recipes would open up to me if he'd just try it...oh, and like it.

What makes kids (or my kids) so willing to try something that comes out of a crinkly bag, but won't try something put before them on a plate at the dinner table?  Is it the plate, the table, the person serving it to them who is trying (but failing) to act ever so nonchalantly like "It doesn't bother me if you won't eat this; your problem, not mine."  The books tell us to act this way, to basically act like you don't care when inside you're wringing your hands, begging, pleading with the 'lil dictator to "Just take a little bite.  I know you'll like it!"  And of course once you've said those words out loud, you've really lost the battle.  You've played right into their controlling, little hands.

When Big T was younger I always thought maybe he'd try banana bread if I put some in a chip bag.  But of course I know he'd never fall for that.  And I guess I'm kind of happy he wouldn't...he's definitely not stupid.  Nothing gets by this food critic.

So here's the thing that has me scratching my head to the point I may need to wear a tuque to hide my hair loss.  He won't eat pasta, but he'll eat:

SEAWEED!!  He LOVES seaweed!!  "A Gift from the Sea" as stated on the package.  Is that not bizarre?!?  He practically begs for it and I have to stop him from eating it for fear he may grow fins! 

Little K on the other hand does not like it at all.  It's ironic funny to watch Big T try to get him to taste it.  "Come on, just try's's just seaweed!" 

I am happy, though, that Big T likes something that is actually good for him.  And if there's ever a nuclear disaster, with all the iodine in the seaweed, he'll be one of the survivors. 

Once again, the glass is half full. (Hey, I'm trying)

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Let 'Em Get Dirty!

As a mom of two boys, I'm a firm believer of letting them get dirty.  Big T sometimes wants to lie in the dirt and it's okay by me.  I've had some disagreements with Hubby, however, about what he considers to be my lackadaisical attitude when it comes to this, but I stand strong that if we're on our way to dinner, to a friend's house, school or some function then they're to stay out of the dirt, mud, etc  If it's just a day in the park, my attitude is to go for it!  In fact, I've pulled clothes out of the laundry bin for the boys if we're just going to the local park for a couple of hours.  Why dirty yet another pair of jeans?  And when I say Big T lies in the dirt, I'm not exaggerating...he actually lies in it pushing his cars around.

I'll always remember a couple of summers ago when my mommy friend and I were with the kids at a waterpark/playground.  Our two older boys were just about knee deep in a puddle of muddy water having a great time with their cars.  A bunch of kids with hunger in their eyes (and not for KD) stood at the edge of the puddle watching with what appeared to be such envy.  I think I saw one boy actually salivating!  In the background were the shrill voices of their mothers warning them that under NO circumstances were they to set even one baby toe into that mud pit.  We thought it was pretty funny.  I even felt a little bit proud.  What a cool mom I was not to worry about a 'lil (well, a lot) of mud.  And the boys had an amazing time. 

There's only one flaw in my "dirty" philosophy and it's this:

Meet my forever overflowing laundry basket.   I could've sworn I just emptied it. (sigh) 

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Hot (Wheels) Mama

Some moms are hockey moms, some moms are soccer moms, some moms are stage moms.  I'm a Hotwheels mom.

At any given time there are Hotwheels all over our house in a variety of locations, line-ups and piles.  We've attempted to take inventory but have always stopped counting at around the 300+ mark.  Don't have all day, afterall.

I know there are a lot of us moms out there.  I've seen your kids' car collections on You Tube (and your husband's...kinda wierd, but whatever).  Big T has his own playlist of your videos.  I'm thinking it might be good to start a support group for moms like us which could provide various tips and advice on dealing with your Hotwheels kid.  For example:  How to avoid the pain of stepping on one in your bare feet (yeeeeouch!) OR how to prevent them from showing up in unusual places like rain boots, the fridge, the toilet.  (I thought he liked the Zamboni.)  Can't give advice on something I have yet to figure out myself though.

This passion/obsession all started out so innocently.  At six months old I bought Big T his first 'lil cars.  Right away he started going "Thhhhhbbbbbb".  (Car engine sounds, in case that wasn't clear)

As he got older, I started buying a Hotwheel when we went to the local drug store.  They're so inexpensive and it brought him so much joy.  What harm could that do, right?  (Oh, the naive first-time mommy)

Everybody loved giving him a Hotwheel...or two...or three.  Take the case of Nana, who every visit brought with her a new car...or two...or three...OR 10!  Hubby and I were a little concerned when, if Nana didn't bring one, Big T would cry.  But, hey, I'm a believer that that's the best part of being a grandma.  If they can't spoil a kid, who can, right?  (again...helllloooooo!)

I also used to line up his cars at night in different formations so when he'd wake up in the morning he'd have a 'lil surprise.  The look on his face was always so priceless!  Did it as much for myself as for him.

But alas, I have a love/not love relationship with Big T's Hotwheels.  It goes something like this:

- He has found his passion so early on in life
- Cheap toy to buy
- He NEVER bores of them
- Fool proof gift for birthdays, Christmas, etc.
- Knows each and every car he's ever owned and where and who he got them from

- Having to maneuver through a sea of cars all day, every day
- Piles of cars in every room of our house...and I'm talking EVERY room!
- Having to buy bigger and bigger bins to store them in
- Having to carry a stash of them in my purse for the meltdowns times when he forgets to bring them with him.            

But I'd say the love outweighs the not love so, yes, I will continue to buy them for him.  He loves them more than candy...and that's saying something!

Lucky Guy!


Wednesday, May 18, 2011

The Movie In My Head

Movie opens with a shot of an alarm clock blinking 5:30 am...

A morning of utter chaos with our leading mommy first trying to get a too-early riser to stay in bed....then trying to get two 'lil men out the door and on the road to preschool who would really rather just stay home watching the you know what.

Imagine the whining, the fighting, the "No!s" and the "Not yets"...

Fast forward to 12pm:  The preschool pickup.  An overly tired early riser starts to melt down.

Imagine the whining, the fighting, the "No!s" and the "Not yets" ...

A desperate mommy opting for inconsistency spontaneity, decides that due to above-mentioned meltdown, she won't go directly home for "lunch" ...

          (Aside:  Lunch in our house is always in brackets)

... but instead will drive around an extra bit so her beloved wee ones will have a much needed nap and she can have some much needed silence.  So they have a snack in the car and off they go.


          Big T:  "Why are you driving this way?"
          MI: "I want to see something up here."

Fast forward 2.3 minutes later.  SILENCE!  Quiet Hi-5s all around.  She drives home, transfers boys to respective napping places, eats, settles in to do some work on computer...

* * WARNING:  Scary bit coming up...not for the faint hearted * *



Cue intense, scary music.

Leading mommy comes to realization there will be NO surfing the web, NO checking email, NO facebook...NO cleaning either as she's not about to put an end to the blissful silence prematurely.

Cut to close up of iPad sitting on kitchen counter. 

Cue Hallelujah music. 

Leading mommy decides to write blog post on iPad and retype later when connection is restored.  All is not lost.

Fast forward 30 mins...

Wee lads awake from slumber, eager to eat a (healthy) "lunch".  Mommy feels she has done something for herself and is satisfied.  They head outside into the gloriously warm sunshine, quite fitting for a spring day.  Happy, Relaxed.  The whining has ceased.  For now.

The End

(The above is a true story.  Any similarities to actual persons is completely intended)

Monday, May 16, 2011


As exhausting as it is dealing with my boys when they're not getting along, the times that they do get on well together - which is quite a lot actually compared to other siblings I know - makes up for it.

Today was one of those exhausting days.  The kind of day where having to go to work at night after a long day with the boys didn't suck quite so much. 

They had been especially getting on each other's nerves until late this afternoon.  I was in my room folding laundry and I heard some conversation between them.  They were watching a DVD and 'Lil K was asking Big T  (or "Guy" as he likes to call him) what was going on.  Big T was calmly and patiently and dare I say lovingly explaining the scene to 'Lil K.  Not a big deal to some, but for most of today I heard them yelling "NO" to each other, so this particular occasion was music to my ears and warmed my sappy heart.

Then Big T sneezed.
'Lil K said, "You okay, Guy?"
Big T said, "I'm okay.  Thanks, 'Lil K."

Awww, I love my sweet boys.

And personally, I don't think it had anything to do with the fact that I finally gave in and gave them the Ring Pops that they recently got from a birthday party. 

Nope, that had nothing to do with their sudden camaraderie.

And, yes, I am delusional.

Designer Wanted

I'm looking for an ultra-talented designer to design, create and install a new bathroom door for our place, much like the one above.

In the last 4-1/2 years - at least since becoming a mom - the majority of the time that I've spent in the loo (which really should be spent completely on my own) has been spent with someone else...usually with someone under 4 feet tall.  There's either someone standing right beside me while I do my business, opening and closing the shower door, playing with cars, the light switch, the facet...or I've even had someone sitting on my lap when I'm you know where. (come on, I'm sure I'm not the only one)

I used to consider bathroom time pretty private, but it seems I've since adopted a more open-door policy and without my official authorization.  When I do manage to sneak in there and close and lock the door, inevitably one of the men in my home is knocking on it trying to get in or screaming calling my name.  Perhaps it's just been easier to have the company. 

It's funny that now when Big T needs to use the facilities he announces "I've gotta go pee by myself".  I know on occasion I've uttered a phrase pretty similar to that, if not exactly the same.

There's just a couple of design element must-haves for this door.  They are:

- The ultimate in child-proofing
- Complete insulation so as not to hear any banging, knocking, screaming of any sort

An extra element could be that at the touch of a button it provides soothing music and/or beach sounds for the ultimate get-a-way.  (Man, I really need a holiday)

All applicants can apply by comment.  Please provide a visual portfolio of previous work and I thank you for your interest.

Saturday, May 14, 2011

Down With Sick!

Awww, my wee lad is sick.

Try as I might, I couldn't keep the germs away from 'Lil K.  Look at him here...I know how he feels and that's what makes it so much harder to see him brought down with a bad cold and fever.  But he's a trooper, taking the Motrin with just a little fuss.  We tell him it's going to make him feel better and in this sad little voice he says reluctantly, "Okaaaaay." 

So it'll be a lazy weekend in, watching tv, eating popsicles and taking well-deserved naps.  (Trying to keep to my sleep vows)  And since it's going to be a soggy weekend as well, at least if you're going to be sick, this is the time to do it.

On a brighter note, Big T and Hubby both feel "groovy" as ever.  Fingers crossed it stays that way...legs, toes and eyes too if it helps.

Friday, May 13, 2011

Good Enough


According to a recent article in the Globe & Mail, I'm good enough.  A good enough mom, that is.  What a relief...a weight off my shoulders.  No longer do I need to worry that a piece of white bread has crossed my child's lips (they eat mostly brown anyways) OR have cereal with more than 5 grams of sugar in it (will cause hyperactivity!).  Over are the days of guilt over the fact that the TV was on for more than the suggested hour a day (they'll be obese!)  Let us rejoice!

Yep, there's no June Cleaver in this house.  No Mrs. Brady either.  I think I'd like to be a 70s mom though when seemingly life was more carefree.  I don't think they worried as much...or had as much to worry about, that's for sure.  And I bet they didn't put as much pressure on themselves as I think we do in 2011.

I remember my mom sitting around with other moms telling us kids to "Go play on the freeway."  We'd go sit in the middle of the street for a bit...I turned out okay.  (I'm pretty sure anyways). 

Apparantly being a mom in the 70s was way less stressful than it is today.  They definitely threw more "grown up" parties without worrying about our "schedule" all the time.  We'd just play until we dropped...just means we weren't up at an ungodly 6am.  (I'm talking to you, Big T...6 am is ungodly and I'm not religious)  

Moms today seem to feel (however unconsciously) that we need to be everything to our kids at all times of the day...or at least some of us act that way...and yes, I'm speaking for myself.

Here's just a short list of what/who we're expected to be...(in no particular order):

- Chauffeur
- Chef
- Laundress
- Esthetician
- Stylist
- Personal assistant
- Confidante
- Mediator
- Entertainer
- Maid
- Social Activity Coordinator

Don't get me wrong, I chose to be a mom...I love being a mom...I'm just saying, that's a lot of hats! 

On the news for Mother's Day they had a segment stating what the salaries would be if moms were actually paid for what they do.  They worked it out that working moms would bring in $60,000/year and stay-at-home moms (yoo hoo! over here!) would bring in a whopping $111,000/year.  That sounds about right. 

Wonder if that's retroactive?

Monday, May 9, 2011

Ahh, Sweet Slumber

I've always envied people who can fall asleep so easily and really anywhere.

For Example:

And another:

Big T just falls asleep wherever he is.  Hubby's kind of like this too.  When he puts his head down on his pillow at night, he's out what seems like a minute later...or he's ignoring me...hmmmmmm.

I don't have this luxury.  In fact, I would say that sleep and I have a love/hate relationship.  I want it, yet I don't.  Ever heard the saying "You can sleep when you're dead?"  Yah, that's me.  I've uttered those words.  Being a mom is so much about being there for others, that when night finally arrives and my itty-bitties lay down their sweet heads, I don't want my "me" time to be unconscious.  So I basically fight sleep like the plague or like a 2-1/2 year old.  (No offense, Little K)

But I'm coming to the realization the older I get that I LOVE sleep!  It's all about sleep and I want it!  Since becoming a mom, however, I've denied it so much that now actually wanting it, it's not letting me have it.  Pay back's a bitch.

So here I am with my tail between my legs, making my official apology to sleep:

Sleep,  I'm sorry.  I was wrong to deny you, to think you aren't important.  I didn't mean to neglect you and I hope you will forgive me.  I like you.  I really do.  I know you're just wanting me to feel good, look good and be a happier mom.  So please accept my apology and in future I promise to appreciate you and even fight for you.  This may take a little time, however, so i hope you'll be patient with me  I realize that as I am writing this, the boys are napping and I should be as well, but as another saying goes:  "Rome wasn't built in a day" and this may apply to me as I get used to it all.  When there's so much to do and so few hours in a day, it will be a challenge to fit you in, but I vow to try.  So here's to us, Sleep.  You and me.  Together we'll be unstoppable!



Sweet Dreams, Everyone!

Thursday, May 5, 2011

No Sickies Allowed

I been sick.

I think once a woman becomes a mom, there are a few things that should just be a given.

For example:

- A mom with her kids in the car should always get a parking spot directly in front of wherever she needs to be...
- A mom in a restaurant with her children should never have to say "Can you put a rush on it?" when it comes to ordering...
- Manis and pedis should always be free on Mother's Day...


A mom should NEVER get a cold.

Today is Day 2 of my cold.  There's nothing so brutal as feeling like crap and not being able to just lay in bed and sleep it off.  Some scientist somewhere needs to come up with a vaccine for us moms strictly for this purpose because nothing stops for a mom with a cold.  The 6am wakeup calls still happen; the "Mommy can you do this, get this or play this" still happens.  I guess the one saving grace is that with a stuffy nose, diapers are odorless...there's always a bright side.

My main goal with this cold is to keep consistent with the hand-washing so as not to pass it on to the boys...'cuz even worse is to be a mom with a cold to two little boys with a cold....or a Hubby for that matter...ooh, pass the Vitamin C!