Monday, May 16, 2011

Designer Wanted

I'm looking for an ultra-talented designer to design, create and install a new bathroom door for our place, much like the one above.

In the last 4-1/2 years - at least since becoming a mom - the majority of the time that I've spent in the loo (which really should be spent completely on my own) has been spent with someone else...usually with someone under 4 feet tall.  There's either someone standing right beside me while I do my business, opening and closing the shower door, playing with cars, the light switch, the facet...or I've even had someone sitting on my lap when I'm you know where. (come on, I'm sure I'm not the only one)

I used to consider bathroom time pretty private, but it seems I've since adopted a more open-door policy and without my official authorization.  When I do manage to sneak in there and close and lock the door, inevitably one of the men in my home is knocking on it trying to get in or screaming calling my name.  Perhaps it's just been easier to have the company. 

It's funny that now when Big T needs to use the facilities he announces "I've gotta go pee by myself".  I know on occasion I've uttered a phrase pretty similar to that, if not exactly the same.

There's just a couple of design element must-haves for this door.  They are:

- The ultimate in child-proofing
- Complete insulation so as not to hear any banging, knocking, screaming of any sort

An extra element could be that at the touch of a button it provides soothing music and/or beach sounds for the ultimate get-a-way.  (Man, I really need a holiday)

All applicants can apply by comment.  Please provide a visual portfolio of previous work and I thank you for your interest.


am said...

dear mommy inconsistent,
every night I wait to hear your story...i just love them, they make me laugh so much. Doug always says "what is going on?" all I have to say is "that Jill is so funny!! she writes so well".
I love you Jill, keep on writing...thios is the kind of stuff that can be published to help all those others mama is universal!

Mommy Inconsistent said...

Thanks AM...I love you too!