Wednesday, May 18, 2011

The Movie In My Head

Movie opens with a shot of an alarm clock blinking 5:30 am...

A morning of utter chaos with our leading mommy first trying to get a too-early riser to stay in bed....then trying to get two 'lil men out the door and on the road to preschool who would really rather just stay home watching the you know what.

Imagine the whining, the fighting, the "No!s" and the "Not yets"...

Fast forward to 12pm:  The preschool pickup.  An overly tired early riser starts to melt down.

Imagine the whining, the fighting, the "No!s" and the "Not yets" ...

A desperate mommy opting for inconsistency spontaneity, decides that due to above-mentioned meltdown, she won't go directly home for "lunch" ...

          (Aside:  Lunch in our house is always in brackets)

... but instead will drive around an extra bit so her beloved wee ones will have a much needed nap and she can have some much needed silence.  So they have a snack in the car and off they go.


          Big T:  "Why are you driving this way?"
          MI: "I want to see something up here."

Fast forward 2.3 minutes later.  SILENCE!  Quiet Hi-5s all around.  She drives home, transfers boys to respective napping places, eats, settles in to do some work on computer...

* * WARNING:  Scary bit coming up...not for the faint hearted * *



Cue intense, scary music.

Leading mommy comes to realization there will be NO surfing the web, NO checking email, NO facebook...NO cleaning either as she's not about to put an end to the blissful silence prematurely.

Cut to close up of iPad sitting on kitchen counter. 

Cue Hallelujah music. 

Leading mommy decides to write blog post on iPad and retype later when connection is restored.  All is not lost.

Fast forward 30 mins...

Wee lads awake from slumber, eager to eat a (healthy) "lunch".  Mommy feels she has done something for herself and is satisfied.  They head outside into the gloriously warm sunshine, quite fitting for a spring day.  Happy, Relaxed.  The whining has ceased.  For now.

The End

(The above is a true story.  Any similarities to actual persons is completely intended)


DP said...

Oh my goodness, that would SUCK to not have internet access. I didn't for about a week but thank goodness I had my iPhone, but still, it sucked!

Very creative way to write a post. I'm following you!

Hip Chick's Guide to PMS, Pregnancy and Babies

Mommy Inconsistent said...

Thanks, DP! It did suck. My boys don't often nap anymore so when they do I want to take advantage of my time! I'm following you too!
~ Jill

Jennifer Probst said...

Ah, another mommy with my life! Mornings are always chaotic, even worse when they want a real homemade cooked breakfast and I just want to pour out the cereal to save time! I also drive around so my little one can nap since he won't do it on his own! Ah, to find a piece of sanity in the chaos is hard but we do it! Thank goodness for technology which keeps us connected! Love your blog. Found you on Bloggy moms - I'm over at

Mommy Inconsistent said...

Thanks for your comment, Jennifer. Have been over to your site and I love it! Love the idea and will definitely have some bad mommie stories to share!
~ Jill