Sunday, May 22, 2011

Hot (Wheels) Mama

Some moms are hockey moms, some moms are soccer moms, some moms are stage moms.  I'm a Hotwheels mom.

At any given time there are Hotwheels all over our house in a variety of locations, line-ups and piles.  We've attempted to take inventory but have always stopped counting at around the 300+ mark.  Don't have all day, afterall.

I know there are a lot of us moms out there.  I've seen your kids' car collections on You Tube (and your husband's...kinda wierd, but whatever).  Big T has his own playlist of your videos.  I'm thinking it might be good to start a support group for moms like us which could provide various tips and advice on dealing with your Hotwheels kid.  For example:  How to avoid the pain of stepping on one in your bare feet (yeeeeouch!) OR how to prevent them from showing up in unusual places like rain boots, the fridge, the toilet.  (I thought he liked the Zamboni.)  Can't give advice on something I have yet to figure out myself though.

This passion/obsession all started out so innocently.  At six months old I bought Big T his first 'lil cars.  Right away he started going "Thhhhhbbbbbb".  (Car engine sounds, in case that wasn't clear)

As he got older, I started buying a Hotwheel when we went to the local drug store.  They're so inexpensive and it brought him so much joy.  What harm could that do, right?  (Oh, the naive first-time mommy)

Everybody loved giving him a Hotwheel...or two...or three.  Take the case of Nana, who every visit brought with her a new car...or two...or three...OR 10!  Hubby and I were a little concerned when, if Nana didn't bring one, Big T would cry.  But, hey, I'm a believer that that's the best part of being a grandma.  If they can't spoil a kid, who can, right?  (again...helllloooooo!)

I also used to line up his cars at night in different formations so when he'd wake up in the morning he'd have a 'lil surprise.  The look on his face was always so priceless!  Did it as much for myself as for him.

But alas, I have a love/not love relationship with Big T's Hotwheels.  It goes something like this:

- He has found his passion so early on in life
- Cheap toy to buy
- He NEVER bores of them
- Fool proof gift for birthdays, Christmas, etc.
- Knows each and every car he's ever owned and where and who he got them from

- Having to maneuver through a sea of cars all day, every day
- Piles of cars in every room of our house...and I'm talking EVERY room!
- Having to buy bigger and bigger bins to store them in
- Having to carry a stash of them in my purse for the meltdowns times when he forgets to bring them with him.            

But I'd say the love outweighs the not love so, yes, I will continue to buy them for him.  He loves them more than candy...and that's saying something!

Lucky Guy!



Wendy D - Busy Mama said...

this sounds like my house. I'd join a support group! I have two boys and a girl, she better learn to like Hot wheels. My husband is the worst for this problem though. He will frequently buy more even though the boys are getting a bit big for them. And he won't let me give away ANY. The only cars that leave the house are broken ones. I'm getting good at ripping wheels out and it's starting to NOT hurt when I step on them. LOL

Mommy Inconsistent said...

LOL...I knew there were moms like me out there. And I know I'll have Hotwheels in bins in my storage space probably 'til I'm old and grey! Big T's great grandpa gave him some money so 7 new cars entered our house today! Thanks for your comment and I'm going to go check out your blog!