Friday, November 11, 2011

They "Maid" Me Do It

Well, do I...punk?

       (haha...couldn't resist the Clint Eastwood reference.)

Ugh.  I've heard myself utter these very words.  I actually find myself wanting to say "I'm not your slave", but I refrain every day time I want to say this because then it would mean explaining to my boys what a slave is, etc, and going into the whole history, and whereas I think it's important they know about it, I'm not positive they need to be aware of it at 3 and 5 years old.  I don't think they would comprehend.  Or would they?  Do they?

I think they're confusing me with a different type of mother.  One like this perhaps?

When really, this is more my style:

These days though slave/maid/servant is pretty much how I feel as I hear my boys yell at me from their bedroom things like:  "MOM, I WANT MILK" or "MOM, COME HERE" or "MOM, CAN YOU PICK UP MY TOY THAT'S TWO FEET AWAY FROM ME?"   I'm really trying to put a stop to it, especially as I am the mom of two future "men" and have written before of my Big Plan to mold them into great husbands, thus making me the best woman/mother/mother-in-law in the world!!  Muuuaaa-aaaa-aaaah!  (That's my evil, maniacal laugh in case you were wondering)

I'm kind of sucking with sticking to my plan though, mostly because I'm inconsistent sometimes it's just easier to do things myself than listen to the whining that ensues when I ask for something to get done.

So I'm working on it...I'm giving them the words..."Mommy, may I please have..."  It's working with Big T.  Little K on the other hand replies with "No, I don't want to say that".  This is going to take some time, but I'm determined.

I know one thing for sure...if I'm going to be a maid around here, this is the type Hubby would want me to be:

In your dreams, Babe!


The Preppy Girl in Pink said...

Just cracked up reading this! So glad Shell told everyone to check you out yesterday on fb.
Oh and my husband...he wouldn't question a dollar I spent if I dressed like that bottom picture while cleaning ;-)

Mommy Inconsistent said...

Hahaha...then it might just be worth dressing like that! ;)

Grumpy Grateful Mom said...

Oh, my kids have a gift for giving demands. My three-year-old starts off each day with "Breakfast! I want Breakfast!" We're working on it too. :)