Wednesday, November 9, 2011

The Family Vacay

Remember the Griswold' s and their crazy vacations?

Aaahh, the family vacation.

I remember family vacations as a kid.  Perhaps I just remember them from the pictures that my mom had, but regardless, I think back on them fondly.  (I wonder if she does?)  I recall my two brothers and I crammed into the back seat of our family car singing songs like "We had joy, we had fun, we had seasons in the sun"...okay, so I'm not exactly an 80s or 90s baby.

Where was I?  Oh, yeah, crammed into the back seat of our family car.  And I'm not talking about the mini-vans of today with fancy sliding doors that comfortably seat six.   I can't quite remember the make of our family car back then, but it was just some type of sedan as I recall.  Sometimes I sat up front in between my Mum and Dad, laying across them with my head on my Mum's lap, my feet in my Dad's, trying ever so hard not to vomit.  (Yes, I suffered from car sickness as a kid.)  Most times I think I was unsuccessful.  I do recall the odd bickering between my parents; my mom yelling at my dad to pull over and my dad saying he had to find a good place to do so.  By the time he found a place, it was too late and I had spewed all over.  (I know, nice visual.  You're welcome)

As an adult myself and having just returned from a mini family vacay, I'm wondering: is it worth it?    I ask this having just been away for only ONE night!  With Hubby not getting any holidays 'til next summer, we thought we'd just take a 'lil trip over to Vancouver Island.  The boys could experience the ferry, the hotel was free due to air miles and we'd just have a 'lil change of scenery.

We had a good time...we really did.  Of course with 'lil dudes in tow there's going to be quite a bit of some whining.  I'm not sure why but it seems Big T has some anxiety upon leaving home and all his toys.   There was a lot of back and forth of wanting to go home, loving the hotel, hating the hotel, wanting to stay an extra night, wanting to go home, wanting to go to the Miniature World Museum, hating the Miniature World Museum.  You get the idea.  Hubby and I had an agreement that we'd just keep it positive and ignore most of his whining.

All in all it was a good time as told in these pics:

Looking forward to our next trip!


Shell said...

Such sweet pics. Vacations with my kids WEAR ME OUT.

Deena Smith said...

Looks like you had a lot of fun! My husband and I have two small children and we are looking for some Family Activities although I'm not quite sure I'm ready for a full fledged vacation with the darling kids-might have to start out with some day trips so they get a feel for the change of scenery! Great blog!