Thursday, October 20, 2011

I Know I'm Fun, But This Is Ridiculous!

Okay.  There's something I've been keeping to myself since starting this blog and I can't keep it a secret any longer.

The secret is ...

I'm super cool and super fun and  everyone wants to be around me all the time!

There.  I said it.  What a weight off my mind.

Okay, so it's not everyone.  It's my two boys that want to be with me all the time and want me to play with them all the live long day.  ALL. THE. LIVE. LONG. DAY!


You know how as a kid it was so important to be popular?  If you were with the "cool" crowd, you had it made; if you weren't, how you wished you were.

I think I did okay in the high school popularity poles.  Certainly wasn't the coolest girl, but I don't think I did too bad.  My high school though was pretty cool in itself in that all the different groups sort of hung out together.  The mods hung with the punkers, hung with the stoners, hung with the jocks, hung with the thesbians, etc.  I'd say I had friends in all those groups, but I myself hung out at the "Fame" end of the school...acting, choir, you know the type.  (The "cool" type)

There was a time though that I was super shy.  I had a pretty popular best guy friend and I probably embarrassed him a bit because I was so shy.  I distinctly remember that I felt that my shyness was making me miss out on doing fun things and I was tired of it so I decided right then and there to stop being shy.  (Why I can't do the same with my sweet tooth, I'll never know.)

Ugh.  What's my point?  What am I rambling on about?

Oh yeah.

I'm talking about my 'lil dudes and how they are after me to play with them all day long!!

I don't know what's going on these days, but they are both clamouring after me wanting my attention what seems like 24/7!  They used to play so nicely on their own.  Not sure what's changed.  Well, with Big T it's probably the fact that he's now in Full-Day Kindergarten.  Having been with me all day, every day for close to 5 years and then all of a sudden being away from me from 9-3, I can understand why he wants my constant attention.

So what's Little K's excuse?  Well, I'm super cool and super fun!  I already mentioned that.

It's getting a little out of hand though in the last couple of days.  We've been decorating for Halloween and Big T is totally into it, but Little K could think of better things to do, so we've had some conflict deciding what Mommy is going to do first.  It goes something like this:

Big T:  "Mom, will you put more Halloween stuff up with me?"

Little K:  "Mom, you wanna play boxing with me?"

Big T:  "No, Little K, she's going to play with me.  Come on, Mom!"

Little K:  "Mommy, I need you!"

Big T:  (Getting louder)  "COME ON, MOM!"

Little K:  (Also getting louder)  "I WANT JUICE!"

Big T:  (Really getting into it)  "MOM, COME ON!!!"

Little K:  (He can outdo that)  "I WAAAAANT JUUUUUUIIIICCCCE!!!!"


It's nice to be popular.

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Grumpy Grateful Mom said...

Awww--you are needed, at least for juice. Lol! That makes it hard to get things done, but it's good they adore you. My 1-year-old is my biggest fan right now. He is ALWAYS either getting into stuff of hanging out with me. The rest of my kids only think I'm cool sometimes, when I give them things. :)