Thursday, February 9, 2012

Craftin' It Up Like Crazy

Two craft posts in a row.

Well, with sick kids and being stuck at home all day for several days in a row, it's no wonder.  I'm trying to combat boredom and am so sick of cartoons...I'll do just about anything!

So yesterday it was:

Courtesy of
This is so much fun actually.  All you need is a shallow container, milk, food colouring, dish soap & toothpicks.  Who doesn't have this in the house?  It's a quick craft, but fun nonetheless.

Here's how our milk creation went:

Next we did THE BEST stay-at-home activity that we've done in a long time.

Little K wanted a bath...I think it's a great thing to do in the afternoon to break up the day, instead of always just before bed.

It was also the best opportunity for us to try:

Courtesy of

This was great!!  It's so much more fun than the bathtub crayons you can buy from the stores, mostly because it cleans up so easily!

We don't have a bathtub (can I get a collective "awwww" for the Queen of this house?  Feel sorry for me, please) but this was great in the shower.  The boys had so much fun!!

All you need is some shaving cream - I used one I had in the house for sensitive skin and unscented.  Add a bit into a cup, add some food colouring, mix it up and voila!  It actually puffs up.  The boys called them "paint cupcakes".

Check out the fun:

I highly recommend doing this!  I almost wanted to join in, they were having that much fun!

We're home again today so I'm off to check out Pinterest for something else to create!

You can check out my "Get Crafty" board to see these crafts and others here: Follow Me on Pinterest  Only wish they were my idea.  If you have any other kids crafts to share, I'd love to hear about them!  Let's connect over on Pinterest!

Have fun!


Tracy said...

Oh Jill I love it!!!!You know what I'll be doing with Lily this evening.How have you stayed heathly?Or have you?I'm just starting with the head and stuffy nose.Thanks for all of the great ideas!!!

Mayor Gia said...

Hah the shaving cream paint was a great idea!! Definitely fun for the shower.

Mommy Inconsistent said...

Thanks, Tracy...I'm just hoping that I don't fall when they get better. Turns out T has strep throat, but he's doing a lot better. Let me know how the shaving cream goes! It's a blast!

Mommy Inconsistent said...

We'll be doing that a lot! Maybe you and boyfriend should give it a try - haha!

Julie said...

That shower creme painting thing? Looks awesome. I might just have to buy some for myself for the fun of it. :)

Thanks for linking up to the #PinterestChallenge!

Kristen said...

we have had the stomach bug biting us this week too. Bean took the hardest hit. This is her 2nd day home. Yesterday we were crafting fools between trips to the bathroom. Wish I would have seen these. We just did the same ol' same ol. Thanks for sharing these as I tend to get lost on Pinterest and can't find my way back to reality!

Mommy Inconsistent said...

Ugh! The stomach bug is so much worse! We've had strep throat & coughs, runny noses, but much better today! Do try these - they were so much fun!

Mommy Inconsistent said...

It is the best craft we've done in a long time! Possibly fun for hubby and wife too...just a thought!

Kimberly All Work No Play said...

How fun!!
Chunky would love it!!

Brandi yee said...

Despite being sick, it sounds like you've found some creative ways to keep them entertained! Love the shaving cream idea...heck, it looks like fun for me! haha. My kids would love it

Mommy Inconsistent said...

I was surprised how much fun I had watching them have so much fun and I wasn't even bothered with the mess! Also made for blog material and that's always good!

Mommy Inconsistent said...

Pinterest helped a lot! LOVE that site! You & the kids have got to try it!

Grumpy Grateful Mom said...

We've done the milk experiment. I love how you used larger containers--we've usually just used small cereal bowls, not quite so cool!

And I'll have to try making some shaving cream cupcakes this week--my kids will have a blast with that!

My sincere condolences over your lack of bathtub.

Love ya!