Saturday, September 3, 2011

It's Bedtime!

Some people might consider me a Nosy Nelly.  But in a good way.  (I hope)

I won't go so far as looking in your cupboards, but I will look in your purse as I mentioned here.  But I'll always ask you first.  If you say no, I may not understand why you won't oblige me, but I'll respect your wishes.

I'm also kind of fascinated by how people do things...for example how they decorate their homes.  So I guess I'm a wee bit of a Peeping Tina too...again, in a GOOD way.  I just want to see the layout of your living-room, how you've hung your pictures, how you organize your stuff.  Really, it's nothing creepy or sinister.  Maybe I can get a tip or two.

I like to know what you're having for dinner...what moisturizer you use on your face...those sorts of things. 

And I like to hear about your bedtime routine with your kids.  Hubby and I have felt a lot of times that our bedtime routine with our kids is just horrible.  And it's gone through so many changes...none of which is the supposed "ideal" for kids.  But that's just what "they" say, and I've said before how much I detest "they".

Basically I'm of the belief that whatever works for our family at the time is the right thing.  Despite that, I still sometimes feel we're not doing it "right".  Then I go to a friend's place or hear of someone else's bedtime routine and I am so relieved because theirs is not the "right" way either.  It's like going to another mom's house and seeing how dirty her kitchen floor is and it makes you feel so happy...not because you're dissing her and her horrible housecleaning skills, but because you're not the only one who can't eat (or can) off your floor.

Our bedtime routine has gone from having Big T falling asleep on the couch watching tv (I knew I was done with that when I would practically run screaming from the room saying "I CANNOT watch one more Dora!!")  to then lying on his little crib mattress, which was on the floor, reading to him until he fell asleep.  Awww, that was better.  Not more comfortable, but at least no Dora. 

Then when Little K came along and was old enough we camped out on the living-room floor with quilt and pillows, again watching tv, then turning it off and all of us falling asleep on the floor together, EXCEPT that  Little K had to be carried around 'til the zzzz's finally happened for him.  Then it was "I CANNOT carry him around for one more second!"  So we changed the routine again. 

Our next bedtime scenario was Big T and Little K sleeping together on a mattress on the floor in our room, since Big T suddenly became afraid to sleep alone in his room, so it was reading stories together on the bed and falling asleep with them.  Once again, not great, but was better than the breaking of our backs carrying a big Little K around.

Our current situation is the boys both have their own loft bed in their own room!  All of us reading on top of their beds at the same time is impossible.  There's only so much weight allowed on the beds.  We could do one parent and one child reading on one, and one parent and one child reading on the other, but then we're getting the stories mixed up.  It becomes "Everyone Poops with Spot in the Park" or something like that.  No, that doesn't work.  And sometimes I'm at work at night so Hubby's on his own.

So we're back to camping on the floor...a little tv with their snack, brushing teeth, reading stories and falling asleep, still all together or with Hubby & I taking turns.  Last night was his night.

Sweet.  I guess it's not so bad.  Eventually we'll be able to just give kisses, turn off the light and shut the the meantime I think I'll enjoy falling asleep, snuggling with my 'lil dudes.

So you know what I want to know:  What's YOUR bedtime routine or is that being too nosy?


The Suburban Princess said...

This post cracked me up! When we decided it was time to bunk our 4 year-old and our 2 year-old in the same room we had to put a baby gate up to get them to stay put and actually sleep! lol!

Mommy Inconsistent said...

Hahaha! That's hilarious! Gawd, what we parents have to do to get a 'lil sleep...or get 'lil ones to sleep..hehe.

The Good, The Bad, & The Family said...

We take the divide and conqure and come together apraoch to bed time. Hubby takes the 4yr old, & I take the baby. They go to their respective beds then a few hours later we are all four crammed into our queen size bed. Sigh. Someday. Someday....


Mommy Inconsistent said...

Hey Margaret...We've been there! Luckily my boys always gravitated towards my husband's side and I slept!