Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Laundry Room Blues

Okay, this post will most definitely be categorized as a rant.  It won't be positive...less than jolly...there might be swearing (or suggested swearing at least!)...most certainly sarcastic.

I've just gotta know...what the EFF is up with my laundry room?  Upon walking into it, I turn into this:

It has a mind of its own.  I think it's out to get me. 

It's like an episode from that show Hoarders...or whatever the eff that show is called.

I try..I really try, but no matter what I do...how I try to keep it tidy...a day after I organize the recycling, empty the laundry basket, clean out the paint brushes in the sink and put them away, it's back to looking like the killing fields of Cambodia - okay, that's inappropriate...not the same at all.  But I'm ranting here.  (And I didn't say it was going to be a rational rant.)  How 'bout my laundry room is more like your local dump?  When in doubt, dump it in the laundry room.  Bikes & helmuts?  Strollers?  Swimming gear?  Old, broken toys that we say we're going to throw out?  And garbage...oh, so much effin' garbage!  No place to put it?  Nonesense!  Shove it in the laundry room!

Oh, did I say it happened after a day?  Who am I kidding?  It happens in the blink of an eye...at least as soon as I turn my back.  I'm so very afraid each morning of what is going to await me.  And there's no one to blame (or no one who will accept the blame).


So here's what it looked like this morning...

And here's how I wished it looked:

Maybe if I think hard enough about the latter pic, I can actually make it materialize.  Law of Attraction and all that.

Can you imagine how you'd purposely get yourself dirty, throw your kids in the mud just to spend time in that glorious laundry room?  No...imagine a maid doing your laundry in that glorious laundry room while you have a massage, a facial, a pedicure .... sigh ...

Okay, I'm done.  Rant's over.

For now.

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Shell said...

How I wish I could have a laundry room like that second one!!!