Wednesday, August 31, 2011

iPhone Photo Phun: Potty Training Bootcamp

I'm linking up with Liz at a belle, a bean, & a chicago dog for some iPhone Photo Phun

We've been doing some serious potty training in our house this week.  Sort of a potty-training boot camp.  I'm, of course, the camp leader...aka cheerleader, aka drill sargeant, aka cleaner-upper of bodily functions.  I should put that on a business card.  I wonder what the official abbreviation would be...

I digress.

It's the week before Kindergarten and two weeks before Preschool and I decided that we're basically going to stay in the house, in the buff, (well, not me as I'm pretty proficient in this potty business), but we are going to work it out (pun intended). 

I've mentioned before:  Big T is not a fan of "The Poop". He does not like it; he does not want to do it.  But it's probably going on 3 years now that he's had this issue of withholding; we're seeing a counsellor for it and, frankly, I think he's too smart for this counsellor and this boot camp is the way to go.  (again, pun intended). 

It's definitely a challenge staying in the house, firstly because the weather's nice and, secondly, just trying to find things to do that don't include anything electronic like the Wii, the laptop, the iPad or iPhone, but I'm trying to ignore their begging add some incentive to our little project.

I'm happy to say that it's only been two days, but things are coming out progressing nicely. 

Little K is a master at making it to the potty for no. 1 when he's home and naked.  He's a bit freaked out by his newfound awareness that he needs to go poo, but I'm told that's normal and not to panic that he's going to also be a withholder.  I took him out today sporting his new Curious George undies (no diaper or pull-up) and he only had one accident. 

Big T I think is finally realizing what's in store for him come Kindergarten where he will be required to go to the loo by himself and I won't be there to clean him.  His friend the other day saying "I smell poo" while he sat next to Big T, has hopefully helped matters.  He's never had a problem with pee, but he fights with Mr. Poo.  (Wow, never would I have thought I would write those words...oh well.)  But he is now using his own personal, flushable wipes and he proudly displayed what he deposited in the toilet this morning.  I try not to get too overjoyed as this has happened before only for him to continue his withholding ways the very next day.  I'm hoping this time he sticks with it because he's more than capable.

So here's a little collage of iPhone photos from our last couple of potty days...

1) the current state of our bathroom 2) Big T painting in the buff 3,4) Little K giving the 'ol 1-2 to Poo
5) Bravin' the world without a pull-up 6) there's that toilet shot again 7) Naked Picaso 8) PEE!


Liz said...

Oh, I totally love the "1-2 to the Poo"! He's even got the perfect expression on his face!

Grumpy Grateful Mom said...

It's amazing the things we go through as moms! Glad there is progress! I love the photos!

Greta @gfunkified said...

The joys of potty training! I think Boot(y) Camp is the way to go, for sure.

Good luck!

KLZ said...

Naked Picaso may be my favorite Picaso of all time.

Mommy Inconsistent said...

Thanks for your comments, ladies! Day three has been kind of rough, but I know (hope) we'll get there unscathed!