Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Dear John Letter To Guilt

Dear Guilt,

Up Yours! 

I know, harsh words, but ya know what?  I'm not bothered.  You've been around far too often and it's time you knew you're really unwelcome.  You've taken just too many liberties and I'm over it.

Like the other day...I felt you when I layed on the couch, exhausted, while the kids had to amuse themselves for a change.  I WAS EXHAUSTED!

Today is the day I'm saying "NO" to you.  Today Big T wanted a break from his 'lil summer camp and I'm obliging him 'cuz "I" don't feel like the run-around either.  Today the boys are watching tv...a lot of tv...they're playing on the computer, the iPad, whatever.  (and we may even go to the dreaded mall!)  By the kids doing this, I am able to sort through the mountains (yep, plural) of laundry and paperwork that have grown all over our house.  I've got socks on my kitchen table for Pete's sake.  And no, I don't know who Pete is and I'm not bothered about that either.  Stop changing the subject.  The point is that no matter what, I will not feel you today.

As much as I'd rather be off having a pedicure (have you seen the state of my feet?) I'm going to get organized today 'cuz that is for me too.  Cluttered house, cluttered mind and all that.  Oh, yah, and I'm writing this post while they watch tv in their bedroom...what do you say about that?  I say guilt-schmilt!

So pack up your shit, Guilt...out the door with you. 

(maybe see you tomorrow though...sigh)


AiringMyLaundry said...


As I watch this, my kids are watching TV.

TwsitedMummy Chronicles said...

Atta girl, you tell that guilt where to go!

Mommy Inconsistent said...

Hahaha! Mothers against guilt unite!