Thursday, June 9, 2011

Date Night

Just wondering...what is this thing I've heard about called "Date Night"?

I've heard rumours that it's a lot of fun and even a pretty important thing to participate in, especially if you're married with kids.

From what I've heard, it has something to do with two people, who have kids together, getting something called a "babysitter" to come to their house and stay with their kids for an evening. Apparently the two people get dressed up nicely (so NOT in their pjs then) and head out of their home to a place - I think it's called a "restaurant" or a "bar" - and, um, "relax".

Now, this is just what I've heard, so please don't quote me.

Apparently they partake in food and drink that doesn't require Ketchup. (WOW! Is this for real?) Also something that could occur on this "date night" is they could see something called a "movie".  Another thing they could do - and I think this is pretty wild myself - is they chat about things that don't involve kids, poop, laundry, bills, wierd smells, stains, etc...

So I've gotta tell you, if the rumours are true, it all sounds pretty good to me. I think Hubby and I are going to get us one of these.

One of mine & Hubby's first date 37th birthday party.

And how we spend our nights now.

So I want to know...Do YOU have date nights and how do YOU spend them?


Shelly said...

Yes! Every other Friday night is our set date night. We take turns picking a resturant that we want to go to and the one not picking can not complain about it. We will have dinner and dessert too...we are usaully only gone for 2-3 hours max but it's still nice to get out together and bond again!

Mrs. Crankleston (Aka: Mrs. C) said...

Sounds familiar...

I think I remember having a glass of Sangria?? I think I also did something called "chewing my food."

You know, until you wrote this...I forgot they existed. I think i'll invest in one those nights again. Hope you get out soon as well!

Mommy Inconsistent said...

Ahhh, Sangria. I too remember it well! And I love the idea of every other going to try to make that happen!