Sunday, April 24, 2011

Food Wars

Okay, so Julia Child I'm not.  But I try.  Sometimes.  (You didn't think I was consistent, did you?)  And it's not because I don't want to be.  I'd love nothing better than to cook "one" fabulous meal for my family.  I'd feel all warm and fuzzy inside, proud and like I've accomplished something pretty terrific.  I just don't feel it's going to happen anytime soon.  (In fact, I've given up) 

It's difficult to get creative because ... well, to put it simply ... ain't no foodies 'round here.  Hubby's from Scotland so for him it's all about Bangers & Mash, Scotch Pie & Beans, Chicken & Fries, Butter Chicken, Halibut & Fries.  We've eaten so many fries, even Big T is sick of them!  (And that's sayng something).

And of course I'm a vegetarian.  Not a very good one, but one nonetheless.  So really, we kind of consider our boys to have the best of both worlds and lots of choices at dinnertime.  More than the average kid actually.  We'd be happy if they ate like either of us.  They just don't get how lucky they are. 

On one of my more organized evenings, I made this for dinner:

Mini meatballs with a sweet ketchup sauce, fettuccini with butter and parmesan, steamed broccoli and yellow peppers.  Notice all the three food groups are present and accounted for (in other words, notice what a great mommy/provider of nutrition I am)

This is what they ate:

Well, at least it's Whole Wheat.  I take comfort in that.

I've got to say, I was pretty proud of these meatballs.  Found the recipe online and made them with my "BARE HANDS".  Probably not a big deal to most people, but I repeat:  I'm a vegetarian!  That meat smell stayed on my hands 'til I went to bed that didn't even come out with soap.  But these are the types of sacrifices I'm willing to make for my boys.  (Send nominations for Mother-of-the-Year to...) At least Hubby liked them so it wasn't a total loss.

So I did my job.  I provided.  They didn't do their job, which was to eat it, but whatchagonnado?  And as much as I stress out about the various food issues in our home, as long as I provide what I'm "supposed" to, I feel great.

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