Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Going Dutch!

I've not been blogging much lately.

Yes, it has to do with summer and lazy mornings puttering in my wee garden, hanging out with my boys at our local outdoor pool with friends.  You know the drill.

I guess I could blog about what we've been doing this summer, like our first-ever road trip with the boys that went surprisingly well...but my mind is elsewhere ...

My mind is here:

Super Deluxe 3i Lady

and here:

Love the Pannier

oh, and here:

Nice colours and white-wall tires!

But mostly my mind is with this beauty:

Amsterdam Royal 8i Lady (notice the skirt guard)

Yep, I am recently obsessed with getting a new bike....a cruiser to be more specific.

I've been riding my old mountain bike to work or whenever I get the chance, but less for "exercise" and more for just commuting to and from where I need to be.  And I've gotta say:  I am loving it!  I've given my bike a tune-up, some new tires, a couple of baskets and a new comfy seat.  I've got it as "cruise-like" as I think a mountain bike can be, but it's not quite doing it for me.  

What I'm really loving about riding my bike these days is that I'm not changing into work-out clothes to go for a bike ride.  It's like a "come-as-you-are party"... I just hop on and go, flip-flops and all.  And since it is summer, more often than not I'm in a summer dress.  

I have discovered something about myself and that is that I love riding my bike in a dress or a skirt.  LOVE IT!!  I've recently read about the "Mary Poppin's Effect" and that is that when a woman wears a dress while cycling, people - and especially drivers - are far more courteous to them than if they weren't wearing a dress or skirt.  I mean, who in their right mind would be rude to Mary Poppins?



Do I care?


Apparently, it goes for men too though.  Men in a suit or regular clothes get treated better on the road than those in more sporty or biking attire.

Whatever it is, I could always go for someone being more courteous to me.  Bike shorts be gone!  

I have dreams of me casually riding to the local veg store, grabbing some cilantro for my bunny, a baguette for dinner, a bottle of wine, putting them in my basket and cruising down the street...wind blowing through my hair on my hip cruiser. 

It just feels like the right thing to do.

Thursday, August 9, 2012

The Toughest Questions

As my boys get older, they are starting to ask questions that I am finding to be a challenge to answer.  Whereas once I worried if I'd be able to answer questions like "What makes a cloud?" or "What's the square root of..." (math has never been my strongest skill), now I'm dealing with questions that I feel are a million times tougher.

The latest, toughest question actually had to do with Santa Clause.  Although I'm not super traditional, I do love the tradition of children believing in Santa for as long as possible.  Santa is as magic as childhood should be.  (Every childhood)  My boys definitely believe in Santa as evidenced by them talking with him on almost a daily basis.  Whenever they see something that they would like, I hear, "Santa, can I have that black corvette/spiderman toy/lego something-or-other for Christmas, please?"  (At least they say please)

The question came after seeing a tv commercial showing poor families in Africa and more specifically children.  My boys were acting particularly selfish this one day (as 'lil kids often do) and I was overly frustrated with all their "I wants", so when that commercial came on, I paused on it.  Of course I am conflicted about this because I don't think my boys should ever feel guilty about what they have, but I also want to instil a sense of gratitude and compassion for those less fortunate then we are.  I want them to feel lucky and, more importantly, thankful.  Of course they were fascinated with the images of the children on the screen and because of my frustration of the day, I eagerly explained that these children didn't have any toys and how lucky my boys are to have what they have.

It wasn't until hours later as we were driving in the car that my eldest son asked me about the children he saw on tv.

"Doesn't Santa bring them toys?"

Ugh!  I never thought of that.  That's a toughie!  How do I explain this without giving the magic of Santa away?  Santa is supposed to bring toys to all the boys and girls of the world.

I can't even remember what I mumbled about this.  As I recall, Hubby was pretty much silent as well.  I still don't know quite what to say to a 3 and 6 year old with regards to why Santa missed these children.  Did his sleigh break down? (Lame) Did he lose his way? (No, Rudolf would have found them)  Did he forget them? (No way he'd forget them)

Once again, this parenting gig has thrown me for a loop.  I have no problems explaining how babies are made and where they come from.  I tell it like it is.  But Santa?  I am so conflicted with keeping the magic alive and telling the truth.

Suggestions anyone?

I'm linking up with Shell at Things I Can't Say.

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