Tuesday, March 6, 2012

I'm IT!

This post is a long time coming.  I've taken an unplanned, unexpected mini-break from blogging.  A 'lil thing called life got in the way - oh, and Pinterest.  Gotta love Pinterest.  Oh, and bunny poop.  Bunny poop has been keeping me busy.

So my sincere apologies to my bloggy friend, Kirsten, of The Preppy Girl In Pink for taking sooooo long to play this game.

And now I'll explain the game.  It's called "Pass It On" and here's how it goes:

1) Answer questions asked of me by the blogger that tagged me.
2) Create a list of questions and tag a few fellow bloggers, hoping they want to play the game too...thus...
3) Passing it on.

So here are my answers to Kirsten's questions:

1.  What's the first thing you do when your alarm goes off in the morning?
Well, my alarm is one of my children yelling out "Mommy" every. single. night/day!  They're the alarms that never fail and no batteries or electrical outlets are needed.  So the first thing I do is head to their room, cringe a lot little at the time, give a good morning hug and carry them into the living room where they either play on the iPad or watch a 'lil tv while this tired mommy dozes on the couch for a bit longer...or tries to, usually not really successfully.

2.  What does your favourite date night consist of?
I think I know what you're talking about.  Is that when a husband and wife go out sans kiddies for a nice meal, movie, etc?  Ah, yes, I've heard of these and hope to have one real soon!  Unfortunately Hubby & I don't have a lot of options for childcare so date nights are few and far between, but a fave night would be dinner with a glass of wine (or two).

3.  What is your favourite comedy movie?
Currently it is Bridesmaids.  Hubby and I laughed so hard we woke up the boys who were down the hall, door closed, sound machine on.  It is hysterical!

4.  What was your first car and how did you come about ownership?
Barney, the Bunny Mobile.  Yes, I named it, but I was in high school so that explains that.  It was a green Toyota Corolla with puke brown vinyl bucket seats and I loved him...er...it!  My Mom bought it for me and I wonder now how she managed that considering she was a single mom to three kids and a dog!  Thanks, Mom!

5.  What is your go-to snack while chilling in front of the TV?
Chips, chips and more chips!  And that's why I'm not having any.  Too many chips makes mommy's waistline go the wrong way!  Why can't someone make a chip that doesn't do that?

6.  Name a famous person in present day that you would like to go shopping with and describe why.
Ooooh, present day is tough.  Since these days I'm really into sprucing up our home, I think I'll pick Colin & Justin, two Scottish lads who do great home improvement and have a show up here in Canada.  They've got a great sense of style and are hilarious!

And now for my questions:

1) What's your favourite childhood memory?
2) Who or what inspired you to start your blog?
3) What's the best advice you've ever received about blogging?
4) What's your most embarrassing moment?
5) What melts your heart?

And now to tag some bloggers:

1) Jen @ Dear Mommy Brain
2) Eve @ Beautiful Spit Up
3) Shelly @ Hair Bows And Guitar Picks
4) Em @ Emilisq
5) Brandi @ Yee Wittle Things

No pressure, ladies!  I know the life of a mommy blogger is hectic at the very least...evidenced by how long it's taken me to continue this game.

So Pass It On if you feel like it, and I'll look forward to your answers to my questions, but no worries if you don't.


Hair Bows & Guitar Bows said...

I will do it this week for sure!

Mommy Inconsistent said...


Brandi Yee said...

Yay, thanks for the tag! I will work on it this week and let you know when it's done :) Thanks again!

The Preppy Girl in Pink said...

So happy you got around to playing. I think this is such a fun way to learn about some of my favorite bloggers.
I have to tell you...Bridesmaids is AWESOME!! Kristen Wiig is hysterical and Maya Rudolph in that scene in the middle of the street in the wedding gown after eating the bad food...pee your pants funny!! I totally get how you woke up the boys!

Kimberly said...

Oh man I'd love for them to come to my house. They are so adorable ;)