Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Beyond Proud

There are a lot of times as a parent when you are so proud of your 'lil ones....whether it be first steps, first words, first successful potty experience...

There was one evening this summer that I was just bursting with pride over my Big T.
We went to our local outdoor pool one evening and after swimming and the prerequisite ice cream & popcicle, the boys started playing soccer with some other kids.

They were all playing nicely, everyone having lots of fun.

Hubby and I were sitting on our blanket, enjoying a "moment" (and I mean a moment) of not having to chase after the boys.  Yes, we revel in the "moments" of relaxation that we get.  They are not to be taken for granted.

Suddenly our attention was brought back to the group of boys that were playing so amicably a "moment" ago.   Peace was broken and a screaming match was occurring between Big T and another boy with everyone else just standing there watching.

Turns out that the other boy pushed Little K.  Big T was pretty emotional about it, mad, crying and asking the boy why he pushed his Little brother?  Big T said..."You can't push my little brother.  You're acting like a bully or something".  The boy of course wasn't a bully...just a 'lil frustrated at the game they were playing and I guess gave Little K a shove.  Little K was not concerned at all.

I'm not really sure what actually happened.  Everyone's version of the story was more than just slightly different from the other.  It was Big T's loyalty to his little bro that was my main focus.  It was so amazing to see, especially the emotion that he displayed.  Too many times at home he's the complete opposite of the loving older brother with the "NOs", and the "Little K's bothering me", and the "Don't touch my stuff, Little K".  Witnessing this was wonderful...brought my sappy self to the forefront and tears to my eyes.

So I knew it!!  I knew he loved his 'lil brother. 

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The Good, The Bad, & The Family said...

There are those glimmering moments where our children are the ones that confirm that we are doing something right and that they are learning what a blessing their family is ;0)

Margaret (@goodbadfamily)