Friday, July 29, 2011

Instagram FUN!

I've been a bit brain dead lately...just really REALLY exhausted.  I'm just not myself.  The universe is trying to tell me something and I know what.  It's to cease my Starbucks job 'cuz looking after my wee lads during the day is enough and going to work another job at night, is just too much!!  I agree and can't wait for the day in September when I can say bye bye to that 'lil green siren.  In case you don't know what the heck I'm talking about...look at the cup your latte came in.  I'll definitely miss my free coffee, but I miss my sanity more.

Having said that, I've decided not to think too much about a post for today and just share some pics I took tonight.  I've been introduced to Instagram and it's so much fun!  So here we go... (and if you're my FB friend, these will be a repeat for you)

Big T & Hubby playing with (what else?) Hot Wheels

Little K and his new dino friend

Dino up close & personal

This one's for you, Big T
Walkin' along the railroad tracks this past spring

Flowers on my table

That was fun.  And now it's off to bed so I can get up at 4:15am to be at work for 5am ...

... which is freakin' insane a lot less fun!


Grumpy Grateful Mom said...

Oh my goodness! What a crazy schedule! It sounds like you know what you have to do.

I loved your photos. The one of them walking along the railroad tracks would look great in a frame.

Mommy Inconsistent said...

Thanks, GGM! Come September I hope to be a new woman!

Sarah said...

I love the Little K picture and his dino!!! Such a cute!