Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Day 1 of Summer!

Aaaah, it's finally here.  The 1st day of summer!  And the weather has cooperated FINALLY!  For those who don't know, we live on the West Coast of British Columbia, Canada.  A Beeeeauuuuutiful place, but a rainy one!  We've had teaser days here and there where it looked like summer was upon us, but they were always short-lived and rarely were they more than one day in a row.  I've been saying for a while now that I want to complain that it's too hot!  (Not that I ever complain...wink, wink)

But today was beach weather!  And we headed down to it (the beach that is), with buckets, shovels, towels, sunscreen, umbrella and snacks in tow.  Basically anything "I" could carry because unfortunately my boys have yet to see the value in helping their mommie out.  (Helping Mommie = Treats!)

But I digress.

I LOVE SUMMERTIME!   I love everything about it.  In no particular order:

I love the morning when I can go out on my patio in my pajamas and enjoy a cup of coffee and all I can hear are the birdies chirping (because the boys are on the iPad and iPhone)

I love long, hot summer days going to the beach, my toes buried in the sand, the boys playing in the water.  The dirtier, stickier and the more tired they are the better because it means that they had a good time.

I love warm, summer nights with warm breezes, having a bbq with friends and a cold glass of wine or (better yet) sangria by my side.

I love bare feet and flip-flops and lovely painted toes!  Even though my feet take a beating every summer and are pretty much dirty all the time, anything more restricting than flip-flops or crocs is a definite no-no.

I love fresh fruit - especially watermelon!  I also tend to eat better in the summer, wanting crisp veggie salads and some salmon cooked on a bbq!  MMMMMM!

ICE CREAM! (I love it) 

I love day trips with the boys to local waterparks with their buddies, spending the day together and having a picnic.

I love how positive I feel.

I LOVE beach chairs.  I'm kind of obsessed with beach chairs.  I want a new one every year.  I should own a beach chair shop.  I'm always disappointed if I don't bring one along with me when I go to the beach and I always want to know where people got theirs.  My BFF in California always has great beach chairs and I'm always jealous of them.

Here's my current beach chair:

Found this near a dumpster...can't believe someone was throwing it away!
Little K and what he loves about summer!

I could go on and on. 

But what about YOU?  Tell me what YOU love about summer.


The Mommy Therapy said...

I am moving to BC. I loathe summer.

Here in Texas it means unbearably hot days and lots of sweaty times. I was tearing up thinking about being able to sit outside and drink coffee.

Mommy Inconsistent said...

Hi MT...Yah, I suppose the grass is always greener. Summers in BC are great, just short!How 'bout a nice tall (or perhaps Venti) ICED coffee?

The Suburban Princess said...

Summer is so amazing! Love the beach chair!

Sarah said...

You my darling, just received an award. Please go here to receive it: http://www.bringmommythevodka.com

Mommy Inconsistent said...

Thanks, Princess! Hope you're enjoying your summer!

And Sarah...Thanks so much for my award! You made my day! Working on my thank you post. ;)