Thursday, December 27, 2012

Christmas Card 2012


Now that was a blogging break.  It wasn't exactly intentional and not sure if it was just a bloggy block or just that we have been so busy!!  A bit of both, me thinks.

But what better way to feel inspired to do a post than participate in Mama Kat's Writer's Workshop , in particular, a Christmas card share!  

Since our boys were born we always make our own cards.  I usually come up with an idea first, then I get Hubby, who is much faster on Photoshop than I am, to make it happen.  There's always a lot of brainstorming along the way, which is the part I really like.

So here's our card for this year.  After it was created and all cards were complete, the only thing I would have liked to add was our 'lil bunny Milo peaking around the corner of one of the gifts.  Always hindsight.  I still like it, though.

Here's hoping everyone out in bloggy land had a wonderful Christmas with lots of love, laughter (and Baileys!...or was that just me?)

I hope to be back blogging in the New Year, hopefully with a fresh new look to my blog!