Friday, September 30, 2011

OMG! It's PEE!

I've decided that this past summer will forever be known as "The Summer of Pee".   There's been lots of it in various locations around our house, inside and out, and around our 'hood.  I'm guessing everyone in our neighbourhood has come across my 'lil blondie taking a leak. I've got to say though, that this pee-filled summer has gone surprisingly well and Little K has mastered the job.  He's still not much of a pooper, preferring a pull-up over porcelian, but he's got peeing down pat.  Throughout the day he yells:  "I gotta go pee!" and then in short order runs into the bathroom, whips out his 'lil man and does his biz right into the bowl....well, kind of into the bowl....okay, a bit into the bowl and the rest on the floor.  Hubby and I have never experienced this with Big T.  His aim was and is that of the most proficient pee-er.  So when we first saw the massive puddle on our bathroom floor, which was a fair ways away from the toilet bowl, we never even thought it could be from Little K.  "I think the toilet's leaking", I said.  But nope, it was my 'lil sweetheart, aiming high and long and no where near the water in the bowl.  I did the Cheerio game too where you throw some Cheerios into the water for a little target practice, but he looked at me like I was a completely crazy lady and he would have none of that.  I think I need to take a bit of the blame for his poor aiming skills.  When we're out and about and the urge hits him, I lead him over to a nearby tree, bush, whatever foilage is the closest.  I always tell him to shoot for the sky (so to speak) so as to avoid his shoes and pants and so he's not sloshing around in wet crocs.  (Yes, that happened too)

There was one day in particular that I will fondly remember.  My usual early morning stupor had its hold on me and before I knew it I was covered in my son's urine.  UGH!  No, he wasn't mad at me and had suddenly perfected his aim.  I had sat down on the toilet, eyes barely open, when suddenly I felt something cold and wet on mee cheeks...aka, my butt.  It took me a minute to realize what it was and when I did, I yelled out:  "OMG, is that pee?"  And sure enough, Little K had soaked the seat.  He forgot to lift it. 

I'm sure most women at one time has complained that the man in their life leaves the bathroom after doing his business and neglects to put the seat back down.  We're thinking that our man is selfish, thoughtless, absent-minded and just plain rude, especially when this occurs: 

Now, I hate to blame anything on a woman who's a hard-working mother, but I'm thinking a mother is actually at fault here.  We train our 'lil dudes to raise the seat.  In our house, I want the seat to stay up!  Seems to be the only way of ensuring that the pee gets in the bowl and not on my butt the floor.  Once they're older, we'll work on putting the seat down, but for now, it remains up.

So I'm apologizing in advance to my sons' future girlfriends if my sons revert back to their early days of potty-training and are forever leaving the seat up. 

Yeah.  Sorry 'bout that.

Sunday, September 18, 2011

One Year Ago Today...

 A year ago today I married my best friend...

Here are some of my favourite pictures from our day...

Happy 1st Anniversary, Babe!

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Beyond Proud

There are a lot of times as a parent when you are so proud of your 'lil ones....whether it be first steps, first words, first successful potty experience...

There was one evening this summer that I was just bursting with pride over my Big T.
We went to our local outdoor pool one evening and after swimming and the prerequisite ice cream & popcicle, the boys started playing soccer with some other kids.

They were all playing nicely, everyone having lots of fun.

Hubby and I were sitting on our blanket, enjoying a "moment" (and I mean a moment) of not having to chase after the boys.  Yes, we revel in the "moments" of relaxation that we get.  They are not to be taken for granted.

Suddenly our attention was brought back to the group of boys that were playing so amicably a "moment" ago.   Peace was broken and a screaming match was occurring between Big T and another boy with everyone else just standing there watching.

Turns out that the other boy pushed Little K.  Big T was pretty emotional about it, mad, crying and asking the boy why he pushed his Little brother?  Big T said..."You can't push my little brother.  You're acting like a bully or something".  The boy of course wasn't a bully...just a 'lil frustrated at the game they were playing and I guess gave Little K a shove.  Little K was not concerned at all.

I'm not really sure what actually happened.  Everyone's version of the story was more than just slightly different from the other.  It was Big T's loyalty to his little bro that was my main focus.  It was so amazing to see, especially the emotion that he displayed.  Too many times at home he's the complete opposite of the loving older brother with the "NOs", and the "Little K's bothering me", and the "Don't touch my stuff, Little K".  Witnessing this was wonderful...brought my sappy self to the forefront and tears to my eyes.

So I knew it!!  I knew he loved his 'lil brother. 

Monday, September 12, 2011

I'm Versatile! (just in case you were wondering)

I'm super stoked at receiving this award from Debbie over at Designed Expressions.  Thank you!  Thank you!  I'm a lot little late in my official thank you as life and my new job as a Kindergarten mom has taken a front seat this week.  I don't like when I go a week between posts...I feel so out of touch.  Anyways...

Debbie has a great blog and loves a good party so helps us with all sorts of great tips on planning one.  Something I enjoy myself so I will be keeping a close eye on all her fabulous ideas.  Go check her out!

In order to accept my award I need to divulge some things that you don't know about me...about 7, I believe.  I thought I'd switch it up a bit this time and do it in pictures:

1)  I am an Instagram addict...

Family Portrait Sep 2011

2)  If I didn't meet, fall in love with and marry my Hubby, I would have married this guy:  (Yes, I would have!)

3) I'm a Tupperware Geek and am planning on being a Tupperware Lady:

4) I like dragonflys...I think they're beautiful:

5) I used to be in a New Wave!  Joking!  Just a plain 'ol 80s pic of me and my brothers:

6) I don't like to kill bugs, but go ape shit when I see a fruit fly and then I become a killing machine:

7) I LOVE Halloween and once won a trip to Mexico by winning a costume contest: (not this costume)

So now I'm going to award some blogs that I like with The Versatile Blogger award.  Click on over and give them some love.

1)  Buried With Children
2)  Grumpy Grateful Mom
3)  Beautiful Spitup

I shouldn't stop there because there are so many great blogs out there that I love!  I will add more later.  I've been working on this post for a good week now and have not had a I'm just going to hit the publish button before my head hits the keyboard, 'cuz I am exhausted.  (Being a Kindergarten mom takes a lot out of a girl)

Saturday, September 3, 2011

It's Bedtime!

Some people might consider me a Nosy Nelly.  But in a good way.  (I hope)

I won't go so far as looking in your cupboards, but I will look in your purse as I mentioned here.  But I'll always ask you first.  If you say no, I may not understand why you won't oblige me, but I'll respect your wishes.

I'm also kind of fascinated by how people do things...for example how they decorate their homes.  So I guess I'm a wee bit of a Peeping Tina too...again, in a GOOD way.  I just want to see the layout of your living-room, how you've hung your pictures, how you organize your stuff.  Really, it's nothing creepy or sinister.  Maybe I can get a tip or two.

I like to know what you're having for dinner...what moisturizer you use on your face...those sorts of things. 

And I like to hear about your bedtime routine with your kids.  Hubby and I have felt a lot of times that our bedtime routine with our kids is just horrible.  And it's gone through so many changes...none of which is the supposed "ideal" for kids.  But that's just what "they" say, and I've said before how much I detest "they".

Basically I'm of the belief that whatever works for our family at the time is the right thing.  Despite that, I still sometimes feel we're not doing it "right".  Then I go to a friend's place or hear of someone else's bedtime routine and I am so relieved because theirs is not the "right" way either.  It's like going to another mom's house and seeing how dirty her kitchen floor is and it makes you feel so happy...not because you're dissing her and her horrible housecleaning skills, but because you're not the only one who can't eat (or can) off your floor.

Our bedtime routine has gone from having Big T falling asleep on the couch watching tv (I knew I was done with that when I would practically run screaming from the room saying "I CANNOT watch one more Dora!!")  to then lying on his little crib mattress, which was on the floor, reading to him until he fell asleep.  Awww, that was better.  Not more comfortable, but at least no Dora. 

Then when Little K came along and was old enough we camped out on the living-room floor with quilt and pillows, again watching tv, then turning it off and all of us falling asleep on the floor together, EXCEPT that  Little K had to be carried around 'til the zzzz's finally happened for him.  Then it was "I CANNOT carry him around for one more second!"  So we changed the routine again. 

Our next bedtime scenario was Big T and Little K sleeping together on a mattress on the floor in our room, since Big T suddenly became afraid to sleep alone in his room, so it was reading stories together on the bed and falling asleep with them.  Once again, not great, but was better than the breaking of our backs carrying a big Little K around.

Our current situation is the boys both have their own loft bed in their own room!  All of us reading on top of their beds at the same time is impossible.  There's only so much weight allowed on the beds.  We could do one parent and one child reading on one, and one parent and one child reading on the other, but then we're getting the stories mixed up.  It becomes "Everyone Poops with Spot in the Park" or something like that.  No, that doesn't work.  And sometimes I'm at work at night so Hubby's on his own.

So we're back to camping on the floor...a little tv with their snack, brushing teeth, reading stories and falling asleep, still all together or with Hubby & I taking turns.  Last night was his night.

Sweet.  I guess it's not so bad.  Eventually we'll be able to just give kisses, turn off the light and shut the the meantime I think I'll enjoy falling asleep, snuggling with my 'lil dudes.

So you know what I want to know:  What's YOUR bedtime routine or is that being too nosy?

Friday, September 2, 2011

Klingon In The House

There's a Klingon in my house

(I should preface this post with an apology for my crude attempt at photoshoping Little K's face onto a Klingon's...never said I was a photoshop wiz...that's Hubby's department and he's sleeping at the moment)

So Day 3 (or is it 4) of potty training and I fear it might be back-firing with Little K...and not in the way I've hoped (hehe) He has become VERY much a "Cling-on", clinging on to me almost continuously.  He is absolutely freaked out by the feeling he gets telling him that the poop is coming.  Whenever the feeling comes, he's yelling my name, screaming for me to pick him up and hold him.  The only thing that's happening is nothing's happening (or very little) except constipation.  He's no doubt uncomfortable, but enough already.  Well, I'm on the backtrack now.  I guess he's not quite ready.

My friends are assuring me that this is pretty normal and not to worry that he's going to follow in Big T's withholding footsteps.

I hope they're right, 'cuz the thought of that is stressing me out.